microsoft-logo (1)A new Windows Azure Management tool released by Microsoft. This management tool was developed to manage the storage accounts of users in Windows Azure. Developed as a managed MMC, this management tool allows the users to create and manage both blobs and queues. Manage containers and easily create blobs and permissions. Remove and add the inspector adds messages or empty queues.


This screenshot is taken from Azure Journal.

Some of the main features of Windows Azure Management tool are following:

  • You can able to manage your blobs
  • You can able to manage your queues
  • You can create new queues
  • You can easily switch between remote and local storage services
  • You can create containers and manage permissions
  • You can able to manage multiple storage accounts
  • You can upload files or even entire folders
  • Read messages
  • You can monitor queues
  • Purge queues
  • You can post new messages to the queue
  • Read metadata or preview the blob contents

The main problem with this released Windows Azure Management tool is that this tool does not working in Windows 7 RC Build 7100.While it is unaffected on other Operating Systems.If you want to download the Windows Azure Management tool then click on Windows Azure Management tool .