On Friday Mozilla has released Fennec (codename for Firefox Mobile alpha) which has arrived on a Windows Mobile 6 platform. The release will surely invite the gadget users to give it a go. Fennec Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile 6 (download) has been exclusively tailor-made for the HTC Touch Pro, with an intention to expand to more handsets in future releases. The most dominant feature of Fennec is believed to be the  support for add-ons. For this purpose, a tab to start searching for more extensions is also included in Fennec besides the list of recommended add-ons.


The UI for Fennec Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile  is developed traditionally using CSS which will help the app adjust to various screen sizes and resolutions. It has a Search field which helps suggesting search items along with the search history. With the launch of Fennec, Mozilla is now trying to shape this mobile app similar to the its desktop product. For a short demonstration view the video below I’ve added below.


Fennec – alpha 1 for Windows Mobile

 However the app is in its’ testing phase, all of us can expect long list of bugs in Fennec Alpha 1. Delays in panning speeds are one problem Mozilla noted, and clean-ups in JavaScript processing and graphics are high on its list for open-source development. For details and installation instructions click here.


If you get a chance to try out Fennec Alpha 1 on the HTC Touch Pro, don’t forget to share your views and ideas right here.