The journalism school named University of Missouri’s has just added the iPhone and iPod Touch to the incoming freshman supplies required.

According to the Associate Dean Brian S.Brooks:

“Lectures are the worst possible learning format. There’s been some research done that shows if a student can hear that lecture a second time, they retain three times as much of that lecture.”

apple iphone

The Associate Dean Brian S.Brooks also note that the theoretically any MP3 player could be used.

Brian S.Brooks noted that:

“You could use a Zune, for example.”

So, what is the reason of using Apple devices? Its answer is so simple that Apple is so expensive, so it could benefits the students on financial aid.

Brian S.Brooks added that:

“If it’s required, it can be included in your financial-need estimate, if we had not required it; they wouldn’t be able to do that.”

If the students have an Apple device however, it will become easier for the students to download the lectures, as it has a special section in the iTunes Store.

Brian S.Brooks also concluded that:

“There are about 50 other schools across the country that are doing this.”