Well , the lovers of Nokia mobile phones have a good news that Nokia’s store is coming soon to the users of Nokia and Nokia is ready to make an impression with the Ovi Store.nokia-logoAccording to the Executive VP of services Niklas Savander that :

“The much anticipated Nokia Ovi Store will launch with 20,000 items.”


The Store will launch in mid-June and Nokia could easily include custom apps, WidSets , N-Gage games and even video and music download in the Ovi Store.Many of the smart phones of Nokia will use the GPS to filter the content , with most "local tools getting more prominence when a user is in the area."If we compare the Nokia Ovi Store to Apple Store , so , when Apple Store started with only 500 applications , but now Apple Store has over 40,000 applications however.One thing more that the Android Market opened recently with only 70 applications.I am sure that anyone who loves Nokia is anxious about the launch of the Nokia Ovi Store.