Over 40 new mobile TV channels for Windows Mobile Phones added by Spb Software to its mobile TV service, which was suggested by Spb TV users.Spb TV 1.0 is compatible with Windows Mobile Phones (Windows Mobile 5 and later). VGA, Square QVGA, and WVGA screen resolutions is supported by it.



Spb TV supports fast channels switching , use of intelligent stream correction , picture-in-picture mode and last but not the least , export of show reminders into Outlook, bringing the genuine TV watching experience onto mobile. One thing which is very important for users that Spb TV does not only provides users with access to a live TV streaming, but it also offers the exclusive on-screen controls and an integrated TV guide.




 The most important requirement for Spb TV is a high speed mobile data connection such as 3G, Wi-Fi, or WiMax networks. Spb TV 1.0’s full version is avaliable just for 14.95 USD at SpbSoftwareHouse while its freeware version offers Spb TV 1.0′s freeware version offers number of channels and limited features.