Well , the world of pop is disturbed by the Death of the Legendary Singer Michael Jackson , but his news of death also make bad impact on the internet users that’s why the internet suffered a number of slowdowns.


Google confirmed  to BBC that  :

News first broke it feared it was under attack.Millions of people who searched for the star’s name on Google News were greeted with an error page.


It shows an error page which shows that :

Your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application


On this issue, Google’s spokesman Gabriel Stricker said that :

It’s true that between approximately 2.40PM Pacific and 3.15PM Pacific, some Google News users experienced difficulty accessing search results for queries related to Michael Jackson and saw the error page.

It was around this time that the singer was officially pronounced dead.Google’s trends page showed that searches for Michael Jackson had reached such a volume that in its so called “hotness” gauge the topic was rated “volcanic”.Well , Michael Jackson was one of the greatest singer of the world and his work for the music industry of the world will never be forget , in any manner.