The announcement had made officially that Palm Pre Smartphone will be coming with iTunes support. Well most of the users got shocked after hearing this news. If you are a Mac user or user of iPhone /iPod then it is easy for you guys to transfer DRM-free music, photos and videos to your Palm Pre, this supports provides this way to the users.


According to the company that:

iTunes will have no trouble recognizing the Palm Pre, once you connect it to a computer through USB and choose the “media sync” option on the handset. From then on you can choose which media files to interchange as long as they are DRM-free

The series of good news did not stop here because Palm Pre will also be able to act as a mass storage drive providing easiest way for loading content. When you connected a USB to a computer then Palm Pre will appear as same as a USB drive shown on the computer, as a drive on your computer. Files which includes music files, video files, pictures etc, can be drag and drop to your Palm Per’s drive. You can also transfer data to computer from your Palm Pre.