I was searching file converter then I found a new file converter and new of its kind.Its name is SilverX.This file converter is not an ordinary file converter .It is designed to help the developers and designers who uses Silverlight and want to  switch to Silverlight plateform from Flash content.

silverX SilverX can be use in many ways some of then are following:

  • Transform Flash cartoons/animations to Silverlight movies
  • Export CorelDraw vector graphics to SWF file and then convert it to Silverlight XAML
  • Transform Flash banners to ready to run Silverlight banners
  • Extract graphical assets embedded in SWF file
  • Convert vector graphical assets embedded in SWF file to content ready to use in Silverlight application
  • Transform Flash banners to ready to run Silverlight banners


All basic Flash features are also supported by the SilverX like vector primitives, images, texts and animations, so almost all Flash movie resources get accurately converted to Silverlight.

  • Vector graphics
  • Solid fills
  • Bitmap fills
  • Linear gradient fills
  • Radial gradient fills
  • Bitmaps (JPEG/PNG): all bitmaps are converted to PNG format
  • Line styles
  • Static texts
  • Dynamic texts
  • HTML texts
  • Shape tweening/morphing
  • Animations: show/hide object, matrix transformations, color transformations

SilverX is able to load Flash application (SWF file) and transform it into a Silverlight solution or a ready-to-run Silverlight application.

All you need to do is select SWF file you want to convert to Silverlight, click “Convert” button, and in just a few seconds its Silverlight output will be created.

Once converted, your Silverlight application can be launched in your web-browser or loaded and additionally edited with Expression Blend or Visual Studio.

* Expression Blend 3 or Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is required to work with Silverlight 3 solutions. You can see the list of all Microsoft tools and products you required to start working with Silverlight 3 athttp://silverlight.net/getstarted/silverlight3/default.aspx page.




July 16, 2009


Free for personal use


silverx_0.8.2.exe [0.62 MB]

OS supported

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista