Now , technology makes everything easier and easier then ever before.Now , Google tells you that where are you located at the moment when you are using your computer , Google done My Location with the introduction of My Location for your desktop.In 2007 , Google introduced this in the Google Maps for mobile as a tool.You can find yourself by triangulating your position based on surrounding cell towers , this thing made easy by My Location.Wi-Fi access point information is used instead of cell towers , by My Location for the desktop.

Google said that  :

My Location for the desktop can be a great tool when you arrive in an unfamiliar town and want to get an idea of where you are. Just click on the dot in the upper left-hand side of the map between the zoom and pan tools, and, after you authorize Google to continue, your location will appear on the map.

Google says:

It takes your privacy very seriously and will never use your location information without your permission.

To work on My Location , the most essential thing is to have a Web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox 3.5 , which supports the W3C Geolocation API.In case of Internet Explorer user ,you have to download Google Gears to get My Location to work.Through Wi-Fi access point around you Google finds your location by getting your Web browser to deliver location information.If there aren’t enough WiFi points to get a fix on your location, Google can also make an estimate based on you IP address–although these estimations can often be wildly inaccurate

In addition to My Location, Google earlier this year introduced Latitude: a social networking version of My Location that lets friends share their locations with each other that works on both Mobile devices and personal computers. If My Location and Latitude aren’t enough location fun for you, Google will also let you attach your location to your Gmail signature.

My Location wasn’t the only service Google introduced yesterday; the search giant also introduced the ability to search for Creative Commons photos in Google Images.