StumbleUpon is an Internet community that allows its users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos. It is a personalizedrecommendation engine which uses peer and social networking principles.Recently , stumbleupon produce a new thing in its community which is StumbleUpon Advertising.


StumbleUpon Advertising bring the people of the category from which your site is belong , directly to your site.StumbleUpon Advertising includes this tagline ,which is following :

“No matter what size web site, we show your page directly to interested web surfer”

StumbleUpon Advertising brings some great features to stumblers , which are following(Specify by StumbleUpon Advertising Page ) :

  • Target the exact audience you want
  • No clickthrough required
  • Get valuable feedback from interested users

Now , following are some simple steps to start your advertising campaign of your site:

Step # 1:


This is the homepage of StumbleUpon Advertising .Now , you have to start your campaign by clicking on the button ”Create a campaign now>”.

Step # 2:


Now , you have to submit information about your site in the second step.You have to submit the following information:

  • You have to give the name of your page or site
  • Select one category from which your site belongs
  • Write your email address and password
  • Accept the conditions and click on the button ”Create a campaign now>”.


On clicking Advanced Options , you will see some options as shown in the above screenshot like the following:

  • How many visitors you want per day?
  • From where ?
  • Male or Female ?
  • From age of 18 to 99

Step # 3:

On clicking Advanced Options , your application will submit and you will receive a confirmation mail from StumbleUpon.


When you click on the link sent by StumbleUpon for activate you campaign account .


This page will open but some of the things are change , depends on your given information.


From here you van also set your daily funds.If you want  more information about the StumbleUpon Advertising watch the informative video about StumbleUpon Advertising by StumbleUpon, the link of the video is StumbleUpon Advertising Demo Video.