“United Kingdom customers are outraged because on the fees charged for Hewlett Packard’s supposedly “free” Windows 7 upgrade program” , reported by The Register .


Including Hewlett Packard every other manufacture use  “free” for users to upgrade their Operating System to Windows 7 ( like Windows 7 upgrade program ) but one thing make the users unsecured that fees for shipping and handling will be paid by the users.On the other side Hewlett Packard in United Kingdom seems to have quite high costs for shipping a disc and some paperwork.winlogo Well , the customers of United Kingdom reported that :

“Charges ranging from £22-27 per upgrade kit, which converts to about $36-44 USD.”

Most of the customers are thinking that is is better to walk in to a store and overnight a package instead of HP’s shipping costs should be well under $5 each and unless each disc is arriving in its own shipping rate.Hewlett Packard in United Kingdom take a look at the matter and they express their points on this issue in the shape of the press release that :

“Windows 7 upgrade mentions nothing about “free” and that “shipping, handling, and other fees” may apply”.