The Report for 3rd quarter fiscal results have bee reported by HP , but this report shows disappointment for HP that 19% drop in profits.


This reports also shows that Hewlett Packard maked up their business over 30%,but the Hewlett Packard PC sales suffered an 18% drop.The main reason for this decrease in profit was actually caused by the reduced margin , as the sales volume went up 2%.On the other side the supplies of printing accessories, which is one of the main area of business of Hp, lost 13% in revenue.


The report also shows that these 3rd quarter losses are in spite of severe cost cutting efforts, include the 24,600 jobs from the EDS acquisition and 6,400 jobs from various product divisions.As analyst are forecasted about Hewlett Packard that they will fall but Hewlett Packard is still much better than what the analyst forecasted.Hewlett Packard is one of the best company in the field of technology stuff.It will get the top position as they were in the past.

Source: [Yahoo! Finance]