Searching on HP’s website then I found a slogan “Celebrate your creativity with HP SPACE! “.Yes! HP SPACE is giving you a chance to win $50,000 and also a chance to work in a blockbuster film in Australia.Time is going with its speed , so what are you waiting for ? go and participate in the contest , only 8 days are remaining , you can see the contest timer on the website of HP Space.


HP Space’s Homepage shows that :

Celebrate your creativity with HP with HP SPACE.If you are a bold , unique and expressive individual with creative vision and passion , we want you to audition!

Following are the steps for participating in the competition:

step 1 :

Sign up and become a member of HP SPACE. Then check your email, activate your account and you’re on your way to starting your audition!


After that  you will receive an email and then go back to homepage of HP Space and enter your email address and password .

Step 2 :

You have to fill the form  which will show when you sign in with your email address and passwordhp-1-2hp-1-4 hp-1-3

and step 2 of the filling the form is :


Upload a video about yourself or record it with your webcam and submit it.After submitting , you will receive a mail from HP Space in 24 hours.


Hurry up! go to the website of HP Space and register there , only 8 days are remaining .