Apple is one of the best company for making outstanding gadgets like  phones, media players, laptops and computers but they make everything as I told you guys except printers. Printers are the only thing which is not making by Apple. So, this section of printers making is leave for Hewlett Packard, so that they make printers for Hewlett Packard, and another thing is that these printers are reliable to use with the accessories of Apple.

But from now, it is looking like that Hewlett Packard’s printers are no more allowed to work on Apple devices. All the drivers needed the new Operating System (OS), and many of the users of Apple devices complaining about the problem that HP printers are not supporting by Apple devices, this problem need to be solve.


Including HP, other brands also facing the same problem but HP is one of the biggest companies with a bigger problem than any other company. If you want to check that your HP Printer is working or supporting Snow Leopard, then click here to follow the steps. If you do not want to check than wait for your Mac up-gradation.