A new revolutionary software named “SkyRoom” , is announced by Hewlett Packard.SkyRoom is a software which provides you a high definition video conferencing solution like Skype, WebEx, and GoToMeeting.It is great  , you will understand it more when you will watch the video of SkyRoom.

The visual sharing power to work from wherever you have network access.

Lets make some more conversation on SkyRoom is that every user of SkyRoom  have to focus on their particular aim.Basically , SkyRoom  is a two way conferencing software which allows you to connectivity of 4 users at a time and conference in a real mean. Its mean that it allows you to share high quality images, video, and movies as well, with a great conferencing interfacing. SkyRoom is available at a price of $149 (per license).Cisco and Citrix are also providing the similar tool in $50 per month depending on per user range and depending on a business’ specific needs. Although, SkyRoom is a complete package of conferencing for a long period of time .Experience it and share your comments here.

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