Good news for unemployed people who are suffering from unemployment in different small towns but Hewlett Packard and International Business Machines (IBM) have signed an agreement with three small towns in as many states to inaugurate or launch technology service and support centers that will provide employment to people in amount of 4,000.This will bring a boost to the town regarding their economic conditions because employment will be given to unemployed people. And it will also beneficial to International Business Machines and Hewlett Packard.


This step will work which is taken by the two tech giants because at the moment there is a down in economy periods going on so this step will boost the economy , International Business Machines and Hewlett Packard are working with the state and local governments, subsidies and incentives are supporting in opening and to increase growth of these hubs of technology.HP and IBM  investing from $50 million to $100 million.$50-100 million  will earn more than that they are investing from tax breaks , job training and investments for infrastructure of the city.

Thousands of jobs will definitely benefit the local economy as I mentioned earlier in the post. According to the HP and IBM, from these jobs most of the jobs have pay level requirements and training will be provided to the workers and also advancement as it occur. This agreement also opens the eyes of the other technology companies to work in these types of areas which will bring benefit to them as well as for the area.