hp_logo_1 Another amazing news arrived about Hewlett Packard relating Windows 7 that Hewlett Packard has ordered over 3 million notebooks from manufacturers , which is almost  15% more than last month.

According to the analysts that the present figure will be increase in the the month of September to 3.5 million , this is all done because of the efforts of Hewlett Packard to make themselves more efficient as the holiday season starts and as launching of Windows 7 in October.


In September , Hewlett Packard buying 3.5 million machines , on the other hand another big computer accessories company named “Acer “  have the ability to ship over 3.6 million because they have  low-cost laptops and netbooks.Acer could ship over nine million notebooks in the third quarter.My opinion about Acer is not as good as of Acer’s user opinion about their machine , I think that they are good but they are cheap and generic which can’t impress me to buy the Acer machine.

Most of us waiting for Windows 7 and some of us waiting to change there Operating Systems from Windows Vista to Windows 7.