Hewlett Packard’s few unseen model numbers in a software  update file was noticed and this will be in the upcoming models by Hewlett Packard most probably.There are two models of Hewlett Packard named as Hewlett Packard Mini 210 and Mini 311 , which are in question.Well they are examine by judging the Hewlett Packard naming criteria , these models would be consumer models and definitely netbooks.

hp_logo_1 Another thing which is noticed that the size of these netbooks is more then or you can say that larger than the standard size of screens which is 10.6 inches , they will be with the size of 11 and 12 inches.

Well , I can only say that I cant wait for theses netbooks and waiting for them , whenever  any news of leakage of these netbooks will leak , will share with you guys.