Most of the users want to switch between operating systems on a dual-boot system; well there are great benefits in the computing world than the existence of live CDs/USBs or some other virtualization software like VirtualBox and VMware. These software among others, are resource intensive and required often more expensive hardware components. It’s also helpful to have a processor with hardware-assisted virtualization support in the system. Most of the users like me who want to use Linux and want to try it out a command switch or a GNU application (pun intended) between sessions on our standard computing platform. Windows. Now there is a solution or you can say that convenient and simple options, like the most well rounded solution which is Portable Ubuntu.Portable Ubuntu Remix is an Ubuntu system that runs within Windows as a Windows application. The package is built from a basic install of Ubuntu 9.04 modified with the coLinux kernel, Xming X server, Pulse audio server for graphics and sound.

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Now , let’s take a look at the system’s specification to run Portable Ubuntu.Portable Ubuntu  works on most systems , even on a low-end Pentium 4 PC with 512 RAM, but the system’s responsiveness will degrade somewhat but there won’t  be  any stability issues .Better still everything like sound , video ,Ethernet ,wireless which seems to just work without needing to be tweaked. Now, I am going to give you a demo on how to install Portable Ubuntu on Windows Vista and Windows 7.But before starting the demo I want to discuss one thing which is important that the default username is pubuntu and the default password is 123456

Following are the steps to use Portable Ubuntu as a Windows application in Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Step 1:

Download Portable Ubuntu from source forge.The file size is 438MB.


Step 2:

Now unzip the file which you have downloaded from sourceforge


Then a folder will be shown there , where you have extracted the file.


Step 3:

You have to create a directory of name “Portable-Ubuntu” in C drive and copy all the files from the folder which you have downloaded.


Step 4:

Now go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, and right click on Command Prompt and
run as administrator . This will start cmd.exe in administrator mode.


Step 5:

Now , do the same thing as I am going to do is that you have to write same coding in your command prompt as mine.

pot_ubun009Then you will see another window of command prompt open and installation begins.


After completion of installation , you can able to see the Portable Ubuntu Windows application on your desktop, as shown in the picture below:


Step 6:

You are ready to use Ubuntu in your Windows.I am going to test Rhythmbox Music Player and listening one of my favorite song, see the picture :


Click on the ShutDown button if you want to exit the Portable Ubuntu.


You can able to copy and paste data between Ubuntu and Windows applications .One thing which attracts me that Portable Ubuntu needs no installation , only need to copy the downloaded files in the folder which you have created in C drive.Try this and share your comments.

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