Dell is one of the best technology companies who provide outstanding products to their fans and lovers. I was invited by the Dell Pakistan to cover an event of Dell live from The Forum; Karachi on twitter and facebook.I reached the spot at 3 pm sharp and starts my work. The first thing I have done was to make sure that internet connectivity is there or not, but the answer we got was not. So I started tweeting via mobile and updating the status of facebook.


A large number of Dell lovers was there and watching and trying the products of Dell. I noticed one thing that there were lots of people from every age like children were also taking interest in the Dell Gaming PCs , young girls were love to watch the notebooks  with awesome colors , I asked to a young boy that what do you think about Dell then he replied that:

My computer desk is incomplete without Dell, so I am here to complete my computer desk.

CIMG7141 There was another thing which attracts Dell lovers to the stall which was the lucky draw held by the Dell after every one hour. In this lucky draw Dell was giving away different kind of gifts hampers like a Dell notebook , one LCD monitor , dry fruit packets , usb drives , mobile phones and etc.I was there for 4 hours and captured almost over 250 pictures. It is not possible to show all the pictures here but will share them on facebook later. Dell has also invited two very famous showbiz celebrities of Pakistan which are following:

1-Munib Nawaz

CIMG7376 Munib Nawaz at Dell Event in The Forum Mall

Munib Nawaz is one of the most progressive fashion label for the contemporary men. Established in 2003, the brand has become synonymous with success, style and masculinity. Winner of award at Miami fashion week 2009 for best men’s designer (Via Facebook fan page of Munib Nawaz).

2-Ayesha Omar


Ayesha Omar at Dell Event in The Forum Mall

Ayesha Omar (born October 12, 1981) is a Pakistani painter by profession, occasionally indulging in acting, modeling and other performing arts like singing. Over a period of just a few years Ayesha is regarded as one of the most well-known television personalities in Pakistan (Via Wikipedia ).

Both of these personalities came to the stall and watch and making their reviews about the colorful laptops and netbooks of Dell. They also distributed the gifts to the winners of the lucky draws. I also took pictures of Munib Nawaz and Ayesha Omar with Dell products which looks awesome .It was also nice meeting with both of them .Both are very cool and polite as I observed. When I was capturing the pictures of Munib then he asked to someone that who is he?”, then the person replied that he is a blogger invited to cover this event on facebook and twitter.CIMG7359

Then Munib met with me be in a great manner and making awesome style with Dell products. Same scene was occurred with Ayesha. She is a nice and great person, who likes Dell products because of their awesome style. When these two celebrities were present at the event people were coming in large numbers to watch them and took pictures with their favorite personalities. I came back to home after covering the event for almost four hours. Thanks to the Dell people who invited me to cover their event .It was a great experience.