Usher with Gadgets Nokia people with their Nokia dress

Nokia Pakistan making themselves near to public as they had never do this before.Nokia Pakistan arranging different types of events in Pakistan to make Nokia as a necessary part of the life of the people who want to mobilize themselves. In this regard, Nokia Pakistan invited me in the event of the Music.


Nokia music event was all about the music. In this event Mr. Christophe Corsi – Head of Live Marketing, Middle East Africa was also there to give the demos and told us about the history of the music.


Following is the music background for the emerging markets named as “Entertainment on the Move “shown on the Nokia Music Event:

In the populated city of Delhi, India a young man turns on his mobile phone, chooses the MP3 function, plugs in his headset and listens to his favorite music while on his way to work. On the other side of the world, in rural Brazil, a farm worker turns on his mobile phone, chooses the FM radio function, plugs in the headset and listens to the news and weather reports that will help him get the best price for his products.

The mobile device is today a personal multimedia platform, engaging not only the user, but others in his or her circle of friends and family. It is common to share the music … the video … the photos on one’s mobile device. Mobile music is also enjoyed at their destination: people come together, hook their mobile phones into a pair of speakers and turn the solitary music experience into an activity that anyone can join.

Music brings people together – it can be a stimulus for discussion with new and old friends. While the style of music differs around the world, one thing is the same – music creates a bond between people of all ages – whether it’s the latest new song or a favorite that brings back memories. Music on the go has even more impact in larger cities in emerging markets where consumers can go to a special kiosk in their local market to download their favorite songs using a common internet connection.

With this proliferation of mobile entertainment, making the choice of a mobile device now reflects that trend. People are looking for more memory, larger screens, easy access to the internet and email and, above all, the functionality that fits their mobile entertainment needs.

Nokia’s consumer researchers have found that more people in emerging markets are looking for the functions that will keep them entertained and connected to their personal world. For instance, in India, a recent study indicates that the mobile device is helping the migrated populace retain their identity by offering mobile devices that enable them to listen to their regional songs and watch their regional movies.

At Nokia, music is offered on a range of mobile devices. Since 1997, music has been a feature in almost all of our devices. Be it the Nokia N85 for those who embrace the latest in technology such as an in-built FM transmitter, or the Nokia 5030 with XpressMusic with its internal antenna designed for music lovers everywhere. The Nokia 7610 Supernova brings music features such as a dedicated music key to fashion conscious consumers or the classic Nokia 6131 that fits music into a business suit. These are just a few examples of the comprehensive range of devices makes Nokia the largest manufacturer of digital music players and FM radios worldwide.

The world of mobile entertainment is at everyone’s fingertips. And that’s music to their ears.

Some of the pictures are also here in which some models and officials of Nokia (Pakistan and abroad) standing with the mobile phones of Nokia which makes you totally musical .Following are the pictures:

Ambiance Pic

Audiance Pose

Imran Khalid Mahmood, Country General Manager,

NOKIA  Gadget

NOKIA Gadgets

Picture Release

Venue Ambiance

Thanks for Nokia Pakistan for providing me this opportunity to write on this event.