HP is working very efficiently on their products. In this sense HP will announced their latest product named HP Mini 210.Hp Mini 210 will be officially available from February 1st of the next year.


According to the MyHPMini:

Area-Integral, based in Spain, has a page up for the HP Mini 210. It does not have a picture of the new series.


HP Mini 210 is a netbook as we all know that with Intel’s Atom Processor, its codename is Pineview.Pineview means that a thing which save power and cost by putting the GPU and CPU into a single chip.intel_atom Pineview N450 processor will be used by the HP Mini 210 which will run at a speed of 1.66 GHz.It will also contain a hard disk of 250 GB.One thing which makes me surprised was the Windows 7 Starter Edition with 1 GB RAM. This will be available at a price of $422 with the above defined configuration. You can add more things during purchase of HP Mini 210.