hp_touchsmart_tx2 I was searching for something new on HP’s website so I got a very awesome and also interesting news about the TouchSmart line of HP.HP released a list of the TouchSmart line of HP and the most interesting thing which I observed that there is a brand new computers listed, and the TouchSmart tm2 series is one of the series from the list.


One thing which makes me surprised was that the links are broken or not working, when you click on any link so the HP CHAT’s page will open.

hp_chat Another thing that the list shows is that TouchSmart tx2 is also so there is a possibility that HP is planning to announce a new piece in the line of TouchSmart or may be HP could replace to the TX2 with the new entry of TouchSmart line. Well, we have to wait for the CES that what HP will announce in the CES in January 2010.