hp_mini_311_netbook_official-front-open-angle HP is working very hard to provide best of their products. So, now its turn for the HP’s Mini 311 uber-netbook.HP’s Mini 311 uber-netbook is getting brighter day by day.According to some sources that HP have planned to lock the BIOS of HP’s Mini 311, this makes an impact on the installation of the different types of devices which are attached with HP’s Mini 311 like customers can’t able install any non-HP wireless cards, the Wi-Fi or cellular type. Another thing which was mentioned by the sources that this step is for the longer term for the owner of the notebook related to any series of the HP.


It is also seemed that some the of the people are figuring out the Asus’ ASrock overclocking software can be useful for the customers of HP to install different cards attached in the motherboard of HP’s Mini 311.But the most common thing among them is the Intel technology  , which is a constant thing. Following are the links from which you unlock the BIOS of HP’s Mini 311: