hpandapple In CES 2010 , Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced HP Slate PC .HP Slate PC is  not been formally named, and it’s not as powerful as a computer, but apparently much more than a phone.And yesterday Apple announced it’s latest sensation named as “iPad”:

According tot the Steve Jobs:

It is way better than a laptop.

Today we are going to make a comparison between HP Slate PC and Apple iPad.Lets start from HP Slate PC , it runs Windows 7 which include multi-touch , but one thing which is also important that most of the interface of it , isn’t designed for fingers.

Apple iPad is a superset of iPod as I observed .HP Slate has awesomely pitched the slate as a media consumption device like the iPad where iPad have limited interface which may be blessing.Following are the videos of the Apple iPad :

Its up to the customers that what they choose for themselves.