Technology enhancing itself day by day and coming in different forms like iPhone, Nexus One etc. Today we are going to discuss that Shell and HP is working on a project in which they use a technology named as magical sensing technology. It is one of the parts of the prototype of HP CeNSE (Central Nervous System for the Earth). HP CeNSE is looking like a system which is not less than for an ambitious work as compared to making a Central Nervous System for the earth. It will use for repairing a bridge, maintaining the machines, oil finding and more other tasks which are related to the environment of the world.


According to Stan Williams, an HP senior fellow who leads the Information and Quantum Systems Lab (IQSL):

We’re surrounded by technological assets that are deaf, blind, can’t taste, can’t smell and can’t feel.

And according to Peter Hartwell, senior researcher and project team leader:


CeNSE is all about giving all this compute power the awareness of what’s going on in the environment around it.

If you want to learn more about CeNSE than click on the link on which Peter Hartwell discussed about the CeNSE.

via [Gizmodo]