nk_1 We are in the generation of creators and innovators. I was reading the article on senseapplied about Calling All Innovators and then I looked up the site of the contest.Nokia is providing platform for the innovators and developers on which they can prove their abilities and also show in front of the world. Nokia’s Calling All Innovators is that platform which is all about inspiring creativity and developing change, according to Nokia. This is the third time that Nokia organizing this event.


According to Nokia :

Inspiring creativity in the projects submitted by developers working on mobile applications and content for use on Nokia’s latest devices. Developing change in the ways we continue to think about how we use our mobile devices today, and how we may be using them in the future.

Nokia also share the stats of last year’s event that there were 1,700 submissions submitted by developers in 85 countries. Following is the video which will tell you more about the last year’s event:

I will share more things about the contest in future posts. So keep visiting the blog for latest news about the contest.