Consumers are the people who make a company leader in its field. They bought the products of that company and then like it which gives great feeling to the company. HP is now reintroducing itself by a brand new advertising campaign named as “ Let’s Do Amazing “ which is made to reintroduce consumers to the brands of HP.

hp_rhIn this advertise you can see the Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords fame.  Rhys visits or meets people who are using HP technology in their fields.

According to HP:

Over the last few years HP has evolved to become the worlds largest technology company, with the broadest integrated portfolio. We have acquired over 40 companies and greatly expanded our offering.This campaign shows the breadth and depth of this portfolio by shining a light on amazing customer experiences empowered by, and in collaboration with, HP.

Following is the video:

via [Engadget]