Few days back HP launched HP MultiSeat Computing Solution in Pakistan. In this event most of the audience belonged to the famous Educational institutes of Pakistan. The keynote speech was by Philip Lau (Country General Manager – Personal Systems Group – HP AEC).

Let me tell you guys something about the . Slogan for HP MultiSeat Computing Solution used by HP is the following:

Double the computing seats without expanding budget.

imageThe definition of HP MultiSeat Computing Solution is that A PC sharing solution that extend student computing environments by delivering the familiar, reliable experience of a dedicated PC to multiple users for maximum cost savings, management and power efficiency.  Now we are moving on the setup of the HP MultiSeat Computing Solution, in the following figure you can see the setup of the machine:


One of the main advantages of the HP MultiSeat Computing Solution is that it reduces electricity consumptions. A comparison was made by HP between the traditional PC and HP MultiSeat Computing Solution and following are the assumptions made during the comparison:

  • Number of PC seats?40
  • Comparison is against one of latest and most popular desktop PC model
  • 4 units of MS6000 Host PC, each connecting to ten T100 units


One thing everyone asked to HP that what will be the solutions that we will get from the HP MultiSeat Computing Solution? , Then HP replied the question which is following:

  • Easy to Deploy

• Operating System preinstalled.

• USB connection / plug and play.

• Out-of-the-box experience.

  • Easy on Budget

• Half the installation cost compared to conventional PC.

• Approximately 80% reduction in power consumption.

  • Easy to Manage

• Microsoft supported and licensed.

• Security Patch.

• Windows update.

• 3 year warranty.

• One-stop support.

HP MultiSeat Computing Solution is best for the educational institutes as the facts and figures shows. It will provide more flexibility and scalability to the users, at the moment most of the schools using this technology in United States of America. Special thanks to HP to provide such amazing information to me.