Today technology is at its best place and it is full capable to show the people that how powerful it is. We can see that no one want to stay far from the technology and everyone wants to use technology for himself.Dreamworks_Animation_logo We come to know that DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. and HP technology worked on their latest achievement in 3-D animation hits the theaters today, which is named as “How to Train Your Dragon”. The HP and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. have been working together from a long time.

hp-circle-blk Some of the fun facts about”How to Train Your Dragon” are following:

  • At 1,630 shots, the film has the highest shot count produced by DreamWorks Animation.
  • More than 800 Vikings appeared in a single shot.
  • More than 2,500 dragons in another single shot.

Rhys Darby tells us something about this in the following video:

Rhys Darby is a part of this video then it means that this is a part of Let’s Do Amazing campaign. According to HP:

The film’s technological breakthroughs are due in part to the unprecedented power of the HP technology that helped bring to life the characters and story of “How to Train Your Dragon.” This includes HP Z800 Workstations, HP ProLiant blade servers, HP Halo Telepresence Solutions, HP DreamColor displays, storage solutions and HP Designjet printers.

Ed Leonard, chief technology officer, DreamWorks Animation said that:

At DreamWorks Animation, technology and creativity go hand in hand and a large part of my job is to ensure that our filmmakers can dream without boundaries. With the help of HP’s amazing technological breakthroughs, our artists are able to bring our worlds and characters to life on screen in sequences that are just as detailed and visually rich as they can possibly imagine.

How to Train Your Dragon” will be one of the best creations of the DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. with the help of HP technology.

via [HP Press Release]