Few days’ back we heard news related to HP Slate that was canceled .Most of the people thinking that the news cancelation of HP Slate is due to the purchase of Palm and its webOS, which was made HP. hp-slate-video-550x313 According to the Marty Wong who is the head of HP’s Personal Systems Group in Taiwan:

The HP Slate will hit the market before the end of the fiscal year ending in October, and consumers could see a wide range of software and application support at launch.

But Marty Wong did not discuss anything related to the version which will run Windows 7. According to CNET:

HP has already said it plans to put WebOS on tablets, smartphones, and Web-connected printers, but there was some speculation the OS could be loaded onto HP Netbooks too.

HP would be working on a HP webOS based tablet named as HP Hurricane that will be made available in October. HP and webOS have the potential to give tough time to Apple if they get succeed in this.

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