Progmic is proudly announcing its new section which is “Personality of the Week”. In this section we will meet some very outstanding people and will also take interview of them. For this, I am going to start with a very outstanding personality of our country and also a very important part of our software industry. I am talking about none other than Naseer A. Akhtar.


Naseer A. Akhtar ( President and Chief Executive Officer of InfoTech )

Naseer A. Akhtar is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InfoTech. Naseer A Akhtar is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the company. As a successful entrepreneur, he founded InfoTech and brought it to profitability and continues to build on that success, with double digit growth.

InfoTech was established in 1995 and at the moment InfoTech is one of the market leaders who provide services in Business & Information Management Consulting, Technology Solutions Provisioning, Systems Integration and Outsourcing Services. The company is headquartered in Pakistan with its regional offices in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad and global footprints in Singapore, UAE and Ghana.  Following are some of the questions that we have asked to Mr. Naseer A. Akhtar and answers of the questions are following along with the questions:

Progmic: Tell us something about yourself.

Naseer A. Akhtar: In 1970, I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics & Physics from Government College, Lahore (Punjab University). After completing my graduation I took couple of jobs in the field of technology with a number of Multinational Organizations within Pakistan, Middle East, Africa and United States of America. After this I have started a business which was related to the PC peripherals, aviation and etc. But in 1995, I winded up all of my businesses and decided to concentrate only on one thing, and then I founded InfoTech. I have also become a System Integrator few years back.

Progmic: In a few words, how would you explain your line of business? What prompted you to start InfoTech Solutions?

Naseer A. Akhtar: Passion for technology business, aviation etc. and then in the last I choose one business.

Progmic: Within your professional tenure, how have you seen the market for system integrators change, which is the core business for InfoTech?

Naseer A. Akhtar: The market is still not mature. They are not taking advantages of system integrators. Some of the famous system integrators are EDS, TATA (INDIA) etc.

Progmic: From the phase of designing a solution to its implementation, what is the time commitment required by the client?

Naseer A. Akhtar: Well it depends on the nature and size of the project. Recently, we have completed a project in Sudan which took 5 months and we also completed a project in Ghana which took 5 months.

Progmic: Within the local market, do you think a particular kind of business solution has the largest demand? Or does it differ from industry to industry?

Naseer A. Akhtar: At the moment the only issue which is that the right kind of price like there is a core banking system and people expected a million dollar for it, for others too like ERP Solutions HR solutions etc.

Progmic: When designing a solution for a business need, how do you conduct due diligence?

Naseer A. Akhtar: It is a natural process .Our people study the object, identify the purpose and then start working on it and during the designing procedure they are in-contact with the clients and after all of these things they design a system according to the requirements of client.

Progmic: As a business operating cross political boundaries, how would you slice up your market share in terms of incoming business from different countries?

Naseer A. Akhtar: There is not any business coming from other countries, we go the clients in Middle East, Africa etc. and deal with them and provide them what they want from us. The number of our customers is growing day by day, which is a good sign for us.

Progmic: What does it indicate about existing and future trends of technology penetration locally as compared to other regional clients of InfoTech?

Naseer A. Akhtar: Although we are operating all the emerging markets but the maturity level of the clients are very far from the mature that what we see in Pakistan.

Progmic: What do you recommend should be the IT vision of an organization?

Naseer A. Akhtar: It should be very focus .There should be some back solid business plan and it should be run on a sustainable model and rather than going to hype side.

Progmic: Any message to the youth of Pakistan.

Naseer A. Akhtar: Besides technology they should learn how to conduct software manner. You should be known professional flexible and ethical in conduct, flexible to deal with rest of the world. Arrogance has negative sentiments only then you are widely expected.

Progmic is very thankful to Mr. Naseer A. Akhtar who gave us his prestigious time and also very thankful to CIO Pakistan for arranging it.