Today Proximate Global Inc. unveiled their latest product which is a proximity-based social networking application named as “face2face”.The venue of the event was Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi. The setup by organizers was quite impressive. The only and final presentation of the event was presented by Hameed Khan who is the Founder and CEO of Proximate Global Inc. (PGI). Chief Guest of this event was Mr.Raza Haroon who is the Minister for Information Technology of Sindh and Jehan Ara who is the President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@sha) was also there.

Let’s me tell you something about face2face. Face2face was launched worldwide, beginning from Pakistan and the United States. It syncs with users’ existing social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter) and offers access to all from one platform. Following are some of the features which were told by the Hameed Khan:

1. Social Networks Meet Here – Simplify and manage your life

Face2face combines users’ existing networks in one place and provides access to connect over multiple networks with ease.

2. Ultimate Social Address Book – Never needs updating

All friends and friends of friends’ contacts are constantly synced and updated using information from the user’s social networks. Adding or removing a friend on any of the networks is automatically reflected in face2face as well.

3. Free Instant Messages – Chat with anybody, anywhere, anytime

Face2face is a free platform that can be used to exchange instant messages on any phone or network, instantly when they are within the face2face application.

4. Real Privacy – Tap and toggle to protect your privacy

Face2face ensures privacy and security better than any location aware app around. Face2face never reveals exact location and only informs users that friends are nearby. Users can further control privacy with great ease by toggling between intuitive options.

If you want to download face2face for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and J2ME handsets then click here.