We started our interview section few weeks back but today we are feeling so proud to presenting the interview of Phil McKinney for the first time in Pakistan.


Official HP Executive Photo of Phil McKinney

Phil McKinney is the Vice President and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG), responsible for the R&D and technology strategy for all PC’s, laptop’s, handhelds, mobile phones, personal storage, displays, workstation’s and calculators. He also oversees the Innovation Program Office (IPO). IPO is a separately staffed and funded team challenged to identify and incubate adjacencies and fundamentally new businesses for HP.

In addition, Phil has pan-HP responsibility for:
- Industry Standards
- Ergonomics
- Accessibility
- Open Source

In an exclusive interview with Progmic, Phil McKinney answered some of the questions which were asked by Progmic. Following are the questions along with the replies of Phil McKinney:

Progmic: How has the profile of the PSG market changed?

Phil McKinney: HP is the world’s leading vendor of personal computers. In 2009, we shipped more than 60 million devices and we continue to capitalize on rapidly growing markets with a focus on areas such as China, India and Eastern Europe.

Progmic: How has PSG portfolio changed to match growing demands of the dynamic consumer market?

Phil McKinney: As the world’s leading technology company, we always try to offer a broad range of notebook and desktop PCs to meet the needs of every customer and we’re constantly looking for the next great idea. I oversee HP PSG’s Innovation Program Office, which provides funding and tools to nurture and bring to market disruptive and game-changing ideas. We also have the power of HP Labs behind us, with more than 400 engineers and links into nearly every R&D area in technology.

Progmic: How much interaction do you have with your users through blogs?

Phil McKinney: We have a blog and community site called The Next Bench where we interact with customers and share stories about HP products, design and history. You can join community sites for the HP Envy, HP TouchSmart or Voodoo and engage with other enthusiasts. I also write about innovation and my views on technology on my personal blog, http://philmckinney.com/.

Progmic: Thin and lighter clients that are optimized for speed and power are the fad and the wishlist keeps growing. How does this play out in your technology roadmap?

Phil McKinney: The emergence of the “thin and light” category was designed to bridge the gap between lower performance, companion netbooks and high-priced, full featured ultraportable notebooks. HP pioneered this category with the introduction of the Envy 133 notebook in June of 2008 and we now offer a range of business, consumer and premium thin and light products. We see mobile as a key future growth area and the Palm acquisition gives HP significant headway into one of technology’s fastest-growth segments with Palm’s innovative webOS platform and family of smartphones, plus a rich portfolio of intellectual property from the smartphone pioneer.

Progmic: What do you think about new commercial line-up of laptops of HP?

Phil McKinney: We design our business notebooks with an emphasis on reliability, security, and ease of use, with the environment in mind. In May, we introduced nine new affordable business notebook PCs tailored for corporate and small to midsize business customers. They offer a great combination of features, functionality and value for businesses. This year, we also announced the first multitouch-enabled tablet for business users, the HP EliteBook 2740p.

Progmic: What is the future of HP Slate?

Phil McKinney: HP believes the best way to serve customers are to offer them choice, and HP is very excited about the slate category. HP plans to use the webOS from its recent Palm acquisition as well as Windows 7 from Microsoft for this category. WebOS products will span across smartphones, slates, netbooks and printers.  Deployment of the Windows 7 slate will target the specific needs of commercial markets.

Progmic: Give any message to young people of Pakistan.

Phil McKinney: Continue to foster creativity and innovation in your daily life. I’m a believer that everyone is creative and that you are creative every day … you just don’t always recognize it. Creativity is a skill that you can learn and develop through practice, encouragement (find others who are like-minded such as innovation groups on Facebook and LinkedIn) and access to resources such as books, podcasts, workshops and mentors. Take the initiative and build up your own ability to be creative in everything you do.

Progmic: If someone wants to ask you something then how he can contact you?

Phil McKinney: The best way to contact me is through my blog, http://philmckinney.com/. If you have questions about how to do something based on the killer innovations methodology, search the blog for tons of good advice from fellow readers, who range from the heads of R&D and innovation at Fortune 500 companies to government officials, students and single mothers.

We are very thankful to Phil McKinney who gave us time from his busy schedule. We are also very thankful to the Ann (PR Manager of HP) for all the efforts which she had done for this interview. Progmic is the first Pakistani blog who took the interview of Phil McKinney.