Computer education is become one of the most important part of our schools systems .There must be one subject related to computer included in the subjects of primary and secondary classes. Some of the Government schools can’t afford computer systems to provide computer education to their students.

Pictures shows a classroom where Intel has donated classmate PCs under Intel World Ahead Program Intel Pakistan is working hard in a way to help the needy students of the Government schools in Pakistan. Recently, Intel donated a PC lab which includes the Intel-powered Classmate PCs with Wi-Fi connectivity to Public School and College, a government-run institution in North Karachi. David Fosber who is the Manager Intel World Ahead Program for APAC, in the presence of Raza Haroon, Minister for Information Technology, Government of Sindh was the chief guests of the ceremony.

intel_program The Intel World Ahead Program has worked with over 70 countries to allow more people to participate in today’s digital world. With over 200 active programs worldwide, Intel putting the right technology in the hands of people and businesses to improve education and healthcare, stimulate economies, and enrich lives. Collaborations with governments, other industry leaders, and non-governmental organizations have allowed us to accelerate access to technology for the next billion people.

Students looking at a presentation on their computer screen

According to the Intel Pakistan:

The Intel World Ahead Program aims to enhance lives by accelerating access to uncompromised technology for everyone, everywhere. Focused on developing communities it integrates and extends its efforts to use technology to help improve their lives and economies.

Let’s talk about the Intel-powered Classmate PCs .Intel-powered classmate PCs – rugged, affordable, touch screen interface, student-friendly netbooks with full PC functionality. They provide engaging, interactive ways for students to absorb information and create content. And they give teachers the tools to individualize instruction and foster problem-based learning. It also includes Wi-Fi (supported with Internet connectivity) and basic school software application. Goal of Intel’s program ‘ICT for Education’ for Pakistan is to help its citizens become more competitive in today’s knowledge-based global economy which is achievable .

A view of an Intel Notebook donated to Public School and College, Karachi

In 2007 , ‘ICT for Education’ was started with Intel intending to donate 4500 computers to government schools across Pakistan over the next five years in a continued effort to enhance lives and bridge the digital divide by providing uncompromised access to technology. Intel Pakistan also shared some facts that Intel Pakistan has donated 2385 PCs 719 Intel-powered Classmate PCs to government schools after the announcement of the program in 2007. Intel Pakistan also working with the Government in launching initiatives like launching of e-learning environment for government school students of Pakistan over the long term.Student working on a notebook donated by Intel Pakistan

Intel Pakistan also added:

These key components include connectivity and professional development programs that train teachers to apply improved learning methods and facilitate the integration of a digital curriculum as well as the development of relevant content via Intel® Teach program. Through this program training is provided to school teachers on how to use PCs and integrate technology in their teaching and school curriculum.

We are very thankful to Intel Pakistan for inviting us and briefing us about the Intel World Ahead Program.