We all know that few days back HP CEO Mark Hurd had resigned due to a sexual harassment suit and violations of “standards of business conduct,” although it was rumored that the misconduct was at the heart of the firing and that there had been no sex. We come to know that Jodie Fisher (accuser) who confirmed that there had, indeed, been no sexual relationship between her and Hurd.

According to the Jodie Fisher:

I was surprised and saddened that Mark lost his job over this.

According to the NewYorkTimes:

HP hired the consulting firm APCO when they discovered the harassment suit to determine how bad the fallout might be if they kept Hurd on.  APCO came back with the news that it would likely be devastating PR hit if this all came out later while Hurd remained CEO – and so Hurd was promptly asked to resign.

At the end of the day, Fisher settled for an “undisclosed amount,” Hurd was fired for “misconduct” but nothing sexual, and HP comes off looking vaguely responsible for being willing to fire their heralded CEO for altering expense reports.  If this all had to come out, is there a tidier way to wrap it all up than that?  Of course, we may never know the true details, and the innocent explanations might be the true ones – we’ll have to wait and see what else comes out as time goes on.

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