In August 2010, we have started a new series of animated videos related to the technologies which was introduced by HP India, with the help of HP India. In first episode we have shared video related to innovation for farmers by HP Labs India .And now in today’s episode we are sharing second video which includes vision and gesture recognition features of technology on which HP Labs India is working.

Following is the video in which innovation of vision and gesture recognition by HP Labs India is shown:

Let me tell you guys about the vision and gesture recognition technology which was told by HP Labs India:

In the evolution of human computer interfaces, the future could involve interaction modes using non-touch. A camera is one of the many sensors which could enable this kind of a non-touch interaction. In this mode, a user can make a "gesture" – move his/her hands in front of a camera and activate or command the computer (or machine) to do some tasks. The gestures made by the user are recognized by a complex algorithm which is in-built and therefore triggers appropriate actions in the interface. The entire process of camera capture, recognition of gestures and responses to interaction – all run in real time to create an engaging user experience.

They also added that:

A camera attached to a standard PC is used to recognize hand gestures. The camera, one of a new kind, called depth camera can give a color and a depth (range) image of a scene. The image indicates how far an object is in a scene. This depth information is exploited in the analysis of color images, also captured with the camera. The analysis leads to identify the human hand in a scene, which is then tracked over time to recognize the ‘gesture’ made. If the gesture is any of the gestures ‘known’ to the computer, then a corresponding action is triggered.

We will share more videos soon. We are thankful to HP Labs India for sharing information regarding this topic. We will share more information related to “My Amazing “ in India .