In corporate world, every company wants to work more hard and also want to beat their competitors in their category. Recently, Interbrand issued a report in which they shared a list of Best Global Brands for the year 2010. There are many brands who improved their performance and rank as well but many brands lost their ranks and decrease their ranks. HP is one of the biggest companies in computer systems and printers category, It was on 11th rank last year and now it is on 10th rank. Intel also increased it rank from 9 to 7. Google improved their performance and secured 4th rank (previously 7th). According to Interbrand:

HP continues to expand its product portfolio since the acquisition of EDS in 2008 expanded the HP brand into the services category. The highly diversified business with its wide audience reach creates unique challenges. As it evolves into more of a services and software provider, HP needs to show that the innovation it is known for in hardware will be replicated in its newer, less tangible offers. The diversity of its competitors and geographies continues to put pressure on the brand, as it must play to both local and global considerations. The company is working to unify all businesses under one HP brand platform: “Let’s Do Amazing.” The recent launch of the brand campaign aims to highlight the breadth of the portfolio and infuse consistency across segments. Continued success hinges on the commitment of all business units and an effective engagement of its 300,000-person workforce.

Following is the list of top 10 companies of 2010 from the list of Interbrand Best Global Brands for the year 2010 along with their rank (present and previous):

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