As you all know that Shiraz Aleem (Progmic) is an ambassador of 1st Arab Social Media Forum 2010 for Pakistan. The digital media team of 1st Arab Social Media Forum 2010 have noticed that some of the ambassadors from different countries cant able to communicate which each other and other people can’t able to communicate with the ambassadors of their country or of other countries , and Social Media in General. For this purpose, the team of ASMF 2010 has been working on introducing exactly that with Bangaia, a new social media and networking coming from Jordan, which is based on a new concept of communities interaction and networking.

Let us tell you guys more about Bangaia.

Bangaia is new kind of platform that allows you to create your own online community, and allows communities to communicate, collaborate and network between each other! It is a platform for communities, teams, clubs, organizations, start-ups and you! Bangaia will provide communities with the online services and tools that allow them to create, manage, distribute, enhance and expand their communities social network online.

The team of ASMF 2010 is proudly introducing the ASMF Online Community, which a place for all people interested in ASMF to meet and share interesting pieces of content. If you are an ambassador from any country then you will receive an email from the head of ambassador’s team about the community of ambassadors.  Bangaia is still a Beta platform, so I would be very grateful if you send me your comments and problem reports of feature suggestion to , to make it the best that it is there!