Windows Live Messenger 2011 Progmic is launching its latest category about tips related to different Microsoft softwares . This post is the first episode of this series. Some of my friends complaining that our network administrator blocked Windows Live Messenger and we want to use it. Then I have found a solution for my friends and users of Windows Live Messenger which enables them to use messenger for basic purposes like chatting with friends etc. within the browser.

Following are some of the steps which enable you to use messenger wherever you want:

  1. Sign in to your Windows Live Account.


2. “Sign In” to messenger which is located at the bottom left in the left sidebar.


3. When you signed in to messenger in Windows Live Hotmail then messenger will show a limited number of your online friends but you can expand the list by clicking on “Show all”.


4. After clicking on “Show all”, it will expand the list of your online friends with respect to their groups.


5.  Select your friend and enjoy your conversation with your friend in browser.


After following all of the above mentioned steps, you can now use messenger in your browser with the help of Windows Live Hotmail.