Midhat Bhamani

Progmic continues its journey to introduce executive’s HP from all around the world. In previous interviews we interviewed Phil McKinney who is the Vice President and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG) and Ann Finnie (Worldwide PR Manager of Personal Systems Group in Hewlett-Packard Company). Today, we are going to introduce one of the youngest executives of Hewlett-Packard Pakistan, yes we are talking about Midhat Bhamani who is the Marketing and Communications Manager of Personal Systems Group in Hewlett-Packard Pakistan.

Looking at the history of our country, we have witnessed that it’s not been more than 2 decades ago since women started empowering the nation with their education and intelligence and thus became an essential knowledge contributor of our society. Now is a time when we can convincingly see many working women in our society who are considered successful in their fields and have become ideal personalities. Without any doubt, one of them is Midhat Bhamani. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences (BCS) in 2004 from SZABIST Karachi and opted for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from CBM with specialization in Marketing. While pursuing her Master’s degree, she joined a newly established IT company, SI3 (Systems Innovation) as a Process Improvement Specialist to build up and streamline their business processes.

After contributing there for more than 3 years she preferred to diversify her career and switched from Business Process Re-engineering to a totally different field i.e. Marketing. In 2008, she switched to Inbox Business Technologies and within a year was promoted to head the Marketing Department of the company. Though changing careers is often considered to be a challenging task but she took the lead and uplifted brand perception of Inbox. She worked there for2 years and moved to Hewlett-Packard Pakistan as the Marketing and Communications Manager of Personal Systems Group (PSG).

Midhat is one of my favorite personalities who gained so much success in such an early time of her career.

Aside to work, she loves designing clothes, travelling to different countries, exploring new places and is a big food lover (not to forget, junk food)..

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