67480_486724914281_376019079281_6922713_2740335_nColors represents your mode that how are you feeling but when it comes on technology, colors have their own impact on gadgets. Recently, Hewlett-Packard India launched a video along with pictures in which they show how the youth of India will speak a new language of colors with HP Notebooks.

66391_486721149281_376019079281_6922659_7269088_nHP India launched “Snap On’ covers” available with HP Notebooks, these notebooks include Pavilion, Compaq and G-Series Notebooks. The vibrant and bold HP Snap Ons come in 8 unique shades & finishes and are just what you need to flaunt your identity. 66391_486721144281_376019079281_6922658_8346909_nIn this video, you will see the Miss India Earth Nicole Faria shows how HP Snap Ons are an extension of her personality and an essential part of her wardrobe. Following is the video:

So go and grab your HP Notebook with Snap Ons today.

Via [HP India]