social-media-forumSocial Media is become one of the most influential power on earth which provide people to express themselves and make them social. Social media is also providing different sorts of facilities to the companies who want to active on social media and also want to increase their business. Because of the Importance of social media, some of the companies are going to organize the First Arab Social Media Forum in December 2010, in Jordan.

This is the first event of its kind in any of the Middle East countries. Let me tell you guys about First Arab Social Media Forum:

1st Arab Social Media Forum will be the 1st of its kind in the region to target only Social Media topics and share both clients & agencies experience dealing with Social Media platforms & different social engagement approaches / show cases.


The team of the First Arab Social Media Forum selecting ambassadors and bloggers from different countries. From Pakistan, they approached me and I accepted their invitation. Today, First Arab Social Media Forum’s team confirmed me that you (Shiraz Aleem) are  selected as the first Official Ambassador and Official Blogger of Arab Social Media Forum from Pakistan. We are very thankful to the team of Arab Social Media Forum for selecting me.

Note : Some of the people thinking that the organizers will sponsor all of the expenses including travelling and accommodation but organizers will only sponsor the charges of the Forum and rest of expenses have to afford by the ambassador (if he attends this Forum in Jordan). I am searching for sponsors who sponsor my travelling and accommodation. Interested companies can contact me at .