megamind-hp-intelAll of you guys love to see the creative work of DreamWorks Studios. Now get ready for this year’s most anticipated 3-D movie from DreamWorks Studios named as “Megamind”, which will be coming on this Friday (November 5). Studio used state of the art technology in making of this awesome movie. The voices which you will hear in this movie include Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Tina Fey, and Brad Pitt. This is a story related to a super-villain who loves to conquer but when he beat the hero he felt his life is meaningless.

According to Tom McGrath who is the director of “Megamind”:

This was a super-ambitious movie. We created an entire city built from the ground up–from repairs in the streets to fire hydrants and newsstands to reflective glass windows.

Now the most interesting part of this movie is here that DreamWorks Animation designed this cutting-edge technology in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard and Intel. The technology of HP included a Dreamcolor; this is a chip which is use for high level color displays and color calibration across multiple devices, and the Halo high-definition videoconferencing system. Following is the official trailer of the movie :

Tom McGrath also said that:

Our process involved animators acting out scenes, so we would have to see each other. Then there was viewing and lighting dailies. The color is so nuanced. With Dreamcolor, you could look at any monitor and get the correct color.

Intel and DreamWorks Animations created InTru3-D which can create 3-D images from the ground up and across platforms, and it also enables real-time rendering through extreme processing power. According to the studio sources:

It’s rendering operation with more than 3000 of Intel’s Westmere-based Xeon cores, while Intel optimization engineers helped maximize system performance.

megamind-1DreamWorks Animations is thinking to re-develop its software to utilize next generation of chips from Intel in real mean. According to the Ed Leonard who is the Chief Technology Officer of DreamWorks Animations:

Megamind pushed our tools to the limits, hitting daily rendering peaks 50 percent higher than any previous production. We ultimately used more than 54 million render hours to render the entire film.

We will tell you guys more about the story of this sensation piece of art and technology from DreamWorks Animations in our upcoming posts.

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