HP is one of the best companies in IT world. Recently, CNN Money described HP as the leader of different markets and they are needed to expand according to the growing services in the world. There are two categories in which HP leads, are PC sales and Printers. In past few years, HP has bought more than 50 companies which includes the data-storage provider 3Par, the network equipment maker 3Com, and the information technology giant EDS.

According to CNN Money:

The company had long sought to be the world’s leading PC maker. Former CEO Carly Fiorina set the plan in motion with the 2001 Compaq merger. And under Hurd, HP overtook Dell and now controls 17% of sales.

They also said that :

HP also controls 41% of another mature business: printers. As rivals have introduced cheaper consumer products, HP has settled on a strategy for growth there.

They also think that Mark Hurd is credited with HP’s success over the past five years. But HP is still a fundamentally strong company.

Via [CNN Money]