Our previous posts were related to “how to create a word document on Docs and share it.”, “how to create an excel spreadsheet on Docs and share it.” and “how to create   a PowerPoint Presentation on Docs and share it”. Now this tutorial is about How you can make the Sideshow of the Albums, saved on  the facebook and obviously how to share it. Following are some of the steps to show you , how it can be made instantly.

1-log on to Docs with your facebook ID, but if you already have an active session going on facebook, then it will automatically Login and you are ready to begin .Click on the Photo Show on the Main screen.


2-Now it will require some basic information like the Photo Album you want to create for Slide Show. So chose the Album . I chose “MUSFIRAH” , she’s my cute little niece .


3-After selecting the Album, select the privacy options which suits you. And Click the Create button.


4-After clicking on the Create button, a pop-up window will be  opened and asks you to allow permission to Docs to access your facebook information (If you are using Docs for the first time otherwise it will not shown).


5-A new page will be opened with some basic options like Editing Delete and Download . On right hand side there are some sharing options and at the bottom , there is a link to share this Slideshow.Now Click the “Edit Document” button.


6-Here you can edit it like you can edit it on Microsoft’s PowerPoint Presentation. I have nothing to edit more … I clicked the “Finish Editing” button.


7-After clicking the “Finish Editing” button, you are ready to view your Slideshow as a document in “MyDocs” Folder of you account . Now have fun sharing or editing.


The above mentioned steps were the simpler and easiest steps towards making a slideshow or Photo show on Docs.