As our last few tutorials were related to Docs, that “how to create a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet,a PowerPoint presentation on Docs and share it”. This one is about Creating a resume. Now you can make your resume in the super fast and instant manner . All you have to do is to log on to Docs with your facebook ID, but if you already have an active session going on facebook, then it will automatically Login and you are ready to begin . This tutorial will tell you how you can make your Resume instantly , with the information you have entered in Facebook. All you have to do is to Log onto Docs and follow my steps.

1-Click on the Resume.


2-Click Create button after setting the privacy settings , I have set them to “Only Me ” for my privacy reasons.


3-Click the Allow button , so that may  get your data from Facebook and then a new page will appear like next one.


4-You can edit your information by clicking on the “Edit Document” button on top of the file.On the RHS in SHARING tab , showing you the privacy settings that you have selected before, by clicking edit you can change them. You can also Delete and Download the Document.


5-Now you have edited your document, click on the “Finish Editing”. You can also set Tags from RHS panel. This will help you to share your Document on the web on facebook. Also you can share the Document with the help of small link given below the document.


6-Now the document is saved in “MyDocs” Folder on Docs.


The above mentioned steps were the simplest and easiest steps towards creating a resume, using Docs a.