In my previous posts ,I have told you guys about Docs , and how to make a word document on Docs and share it. Now, I am moving towards another tutorial related to the Docs. Today, I am going to tell you guys that how can you create a Excel Spreadsheet on Docs.

Following are some of the steps which will guide you that how can you create a excel spreadsheet on Docs :

1. Log onto Docs.


2.  Click on the Excel Spreadsheet on the main screen.


3. After clicking on the Excel Spreadsheet, there will be a pop-up window open and ask you to allow permission to Docs to access your Facebook information (If you are using it for the first time ).


4. Now you are ready to create your excel spreadsheet on Docs.


5. After creating the spreadsheet you can able to share it on Facebook and anyone anywhere with the help of the given link by Docs.


6. You can share it on Facebook by changing the viewers settings .


After following all of the above mentioned steps you can now easily create more Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet on Docs.