Microsoft Visio 2010

Microsoft Office Visio is a diagramming program for Microsoft Windows that uses vector graphics to create diagrams. It is currently available in three editions which includes Standard, Professional and Premium. The current version is Microsoft Office Visio 2010 for Windows. Today I’m gonna talk a little bit about Backstage View in Microsoft Office Visio 2010. The new Microsoft Visio 2010 is quite different from its previous versions, so some people are some how confused with some of its awesome features, so follow me to learn more about the flow charts in Microsoft Office Visio 2010.

When you open Microsoft Visio 2010 you will see the backstage view, as show in this picture.

Backstage View_Marked

In this picture of Backstage view, Red Mark No 1 is the series of tabs to Manage Files and Visio 2010 Options. The Red Mark No 2 contains series of Templates Collection. If you have opened your Visio 2010 for the first time you will not see the Mark No 3 and Resent used templates option at the top of Mark No 2 and . Select the category and you will see the templates in that. Like I am selecting Maps and Floor Plans category.

Backstage View (Maps and Home Plans Category)

When I Select the Maps and Floor Plans Visio 2010 shows the templates that are in that category, you can see them in the Red Mark 1. In the Red Mark 2 you will see the preview of the template you will select. Here I have selected Directional Maps template so in the Red Mark 2 its preview and small description is displayed.

If you want to open your existing file, click open tab in the Red Mark 1 (as shown in Picture 1).

Visio 2010 -- Opened File

After you open your file click the File Menu at the top left corner of Visio 2010. After you do that you will see the Information and preview of your File that you have opened.

Visio 2010 -- File Info

In this picture the Red Mark 1 contains the File options. You can reduce file size and Remove the Personal Information that you don’t want to share with people. In the Red Mark 2 the Information of this file is being displayed. Also you can edit this information. You can Print the file by clicking Print tab in the Blue Mark. You can click Save & Share tab in the Green Mark.

Visio 2010 -- Save & Share

In the Save & Share tab you can Create a PDF or XPS file of your Visio 2010 File or can change the file type of your Visio 2010 project file. Also you can Share your file via SharePoint or you can send it as E-mail.

That’s all about working with files in backstage view. Now you are able to start your work with Microsoft Visio 2010. Start you experience and share it with us. We will back with more awesome tutorials which will help you alot very soon.