1st Arab Social Media Forum is on its way and we have some very exciting and important news about the happenings of the 1st Arab Social Media Forum. As an ambassador of Pakistan it’s our duty to update you guys about the latest news related to the ASMF 2010. So get ready for the news.

First for today and one of the important news about the ASMF 2010 that The Royal Jordanian is become the Official Carrier for ASMF 2010.

image.jspAll of you are well aware with the name of Aramex which is the well know logistics company is now become an Official Supporter that means that Aramex will support up to 50 students and participants fees of attendance to ASMF 2010 (we will share more about this in our upcoming posts) .

aramex_logo-red-white-background-300dpi1 In Media & Press section, Sunny FM & Play FM (99.6) are now become the media partner for ASMF 2010.

76757_168655293158124_158505344173119_470766_5641760_n72232_168655303158123_158505344173119_470767_3458494_nIn print media, Al-Ghad newspaper in Jordan will be a media partner, providing their services for ASMF 2010. A Dubai based magazine named as Communication LEVANT is now our media partner and will provide us services for ASMF 2010. Let’s move on the exposure section, The CEO of Int@j, which is a partner of ASMF, showcased ASMF2010 in Tech Expo Palestine.

72283_168655206491466_158505344173119_470763_270464_nThe European Training Foundation (ETF) heard about ASMF2010 and invited Malik Shishtawi, the founder, to attend a conference (on Education and training for all. Promoting social inclusion and combating poverty through cooperation in education, training and work in EU neighboring countries) and present ASMF2010 in it.  There are many more sponsors and partners present in the list , we will tell you guys more about the rest of sponsors and partners soon.

As a part of Arab Social Media Forum, me and my team lead in Jordan are very excited for the conference that people from all around the world getting interested in it and that is what we are doing more and more hard work to make this conference successful.